Computational Platform for Radiologic Investigations (CPRI) is an open source platform for radiology education aimed at providing free web-based education modules for improving the analytical skills of radiologists and their residents.

Our hypothesis is that residents, fellows, and students practicing radiology can broaden and deepen their knowledge through continuous online education programs that is delivered in micro modules through the adoption of adaptive Online learning principles. To place this learning in a clinical context, each case would contain a brief history, investigation modality, radiologic report, conclusion, diagnosis, and accompanying image(s). Also, the images would be used for illustrations, discussions, and assessments of radiologists, residents and students.

Our goal is to develop a digital library of radiology and introduce educational approaches that would help in improving the analytical skills of radiologists and radiology residents. Furthermore, the history, reports, diagnosis, images and discussions archive which can be associated to each recorded radiologic investigation on the platform, will be publicly available to individuals to review and demonstrate their analytical skills.

We appeal to Radiologists, and their residents to share some of their expertise by commenting on the diagnosis made on each investigation. We also invite biocomputational scientists and computer science educators to propose more learning and online teaching techniques that can be integrated into this platform for ensuring improved analytical skills of the radiologists and their residents. By pooling our collective knowledge and experiences, we can make a positive difference on how radiologists and their resident all over the world are educated. Every new article, every new case, and every contribution will be highly appreciated. Signing up is free and we are looking forward to your contributions.